The Aristocrat Club from the Riviera Hotel & Casino MARKETING CASE STUDY FOR THE RIVIERA HOTEL & CASINO The problem was that the Riviera was losing money on being a dormitory for ‘heads on bed’ travelers. With incentives and promotional rates to fill the hotel, gambling became a lost cause–and that’s the whole point isn’t it? The in-house agency for the Riviera was tasked to create a promotion that would attract new out-of-town destination travelers and reinvigorate gaming-per-occupied-room-night. The Aristocrat Club guaranteed this target of $100 per room through the use of pre-paid gaming tokens. Another huge feature was the recommend-a-friend program. Promoted via direct mail, the Aristocrat proved to be a viable when targeting midwest plumbers, electricians and trade personnel. A trial run with 500 Japanese tourists showed the visitors not only gambled the entire $400 in gaming vouchers, but reached deep into their pockets trying to win it back again. Take a look at the hair on that Director of Marketing! PHONE LINE DEPICTED IS NO LONGER ACTIVE AND THE PROMOTION HAS LONG SINCE BEEN CLOSED.

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